Jim’s Accomplishments

Jim entered the senate with his primary focus on economic development and job creation. He worked closely with the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, the Business & Industry Association, many other organizations representing business, and many local industries in his district, to craft legislation that would significantly enhance the economic climate in New Hampshire. The Business & Industry Association gave him a 100 rating on their legislative scorecard, a highly coveted position for any legislator.

Jim sponsored and co-sponsored many pieces of legislation that were passed by both chambers of the legislature and signed into law by the Governor. Among these measures were bills that improved New Hampshire’s business climate so businesses could be free to create more jobs, supported the health care and hospital industry and streamlined government processes.

As a member of the NH State Senate, Jim served on three committees: Judiciary, Executive Departments and Administration, and Ways & Means where he served as the Vice Chair.

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Jim’s Legislative Priorities

Create Jobs

We must continue the work that was started during this past legislative session to improve the business climate in New Hampshire. This will be accomplished by further reducing the tax burden on New Hampshire’s small businesses and reviewing regulations that businesses must abide by that are burdensome and, in a few instances, even arcane. New Hampshire’s small business community is the backbone of our economy, creating the majority of jobs for the workers of our state. As these businesses multiply, succeed and grow, our working families prosper.

Maintain Low Taxes

We must work to ensure that we do not fall into the “broad based tax trap”. New Hampshire state government must not be allowed to return to the mindset that increases in spending can be easily offset by increases in taxes and fees. It is imperative that we continue to resist implementing a new tax in the form of a sales or income tax in New Hampshire. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston issued a report last year entitled, “How Does New Hampshire Do It?” that proclaimed New Hampshire’s advantage over all its neighboring states. Specifically they cited the lack of any broad based tax as key to this advantage. Let’s not roll the clock backwards and lose our advantage!

Control Spending

We must not spend what we do not have. It is imperative that we continue to budget in a way that requires government to live within its means, just like every household in New Hampshire. We worked long and hard and with great cooperation from all sides to eliminate the projected $800 million budget deficit during this past budget cycle. This was accomplished without raising taxes or fees! We must insist that future budgets are based on real numbers and do not include borrowing money to pay for current expenses or unrealistic revenue estimates.

Protect New Hampshire

The natural beauty and landscape of New Hampshire is without question one of our greatest and most valuable resources. We must continue to protect this resource and to find ways to be able to enjoy our forests, mountains, lakes and streams without harming the natural habitat that these provide. Our campgrounds and recreational areas attract tourists from around the world. The tourism industry is one of our prime sources of revenues for the state. It is especially important that we maintain balance between the two.